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This is a website with multiple purposes. The first and main purpose is to help you with your home shopping, whether it be for a home in Grayhawk or elsewhere. The second purpose is to provide you with articles that will help you make good financial decisions and save money, not just on your home purchase but other purchases you make after you own a home.

To get started, we'd like to introduce you to some sites that should aid you greatly in your search for a home.

1. Realtor.com - Once you start working with a realtor, they should provide you with a link to MLS, which stands for multiple listing service. This is the main database of homes on the market that all realtors use, and it is the list that is most up-to-date and accurate. That said, if you just want to browse listings to view prices and get an idea of where you might want to buy a home, Realtor.com is your best bet. This site is easy to use, allows you to employ numerous filters, and has a pretty decent listing of current homes for sale. If you aren't working with a realtor yet, this site is probably the best place for you to start your search for homes.

2. Bankrate.com - Before beginning your search for a home, it's best if you prequalify for a loan. Today, there are numerous lenders to choose from. For the most part, the smartest way to get a loan is to search online for the bank or institution that will give you the best rate. This is where Bankrate.com comes in. The site will provide you with a list of lenders and the rates they are currently charging. There's no easier way to see a bunch of loans side by side.

In addition to a list of potential lenders you can work with Bankrate offers plenty of other resources, such as calculators that help you decide how much of a mortgage payment you can afford given your current income. Therefore, it's a good one-stop shop for all sorts of information related to home-buying.

3. Zillow - You've probably heard about Zillow, and if you mention this site to real estate professionals, you're sure to get a mixed reaction. Among other things, Zillow shows you current homes for sale or rent, and also provides estimates of how much those homes should be worth. These calculations, however, are widely regarded as inaccurate, so you should take them with a grain of salt.

That said, the site is highly interactive and allows you to view homes for sale using a map. It is convenient to use and mostly intuitive. Moreover, it provides helpful information about the average rent, average home price, and trends. For these reasons, I find this site to be a great research tool despite its flaws.

4. Trulia - If you don't like Realtor.com or Zillow for whatever reason, Trulia is another site that offers similar features. In addition to being a site that lists current homes for sale or rent, Trulia also gives you mortgage rates and a helpful lender search tool. In addition to its features, Trulia offers a blog and articles providing real estate advice. It is, in a sense, a one-stop shop for many of your home buying needs. Continue Reading...

Decorating Your Home with Canvas Prints

Buying a new home can be a long, stressful process, but unfortunately, once you own a new home, that is still just the beginning. After becoming a proud homeowner, you'll next have to decide how to decorate your home. There are quite a few options: posters, paintings, vases, sculptures, and canvas prints are just some of the things you can use to give your home some personality.

Today, I'd like to discuss more about canvas prints. But first, let's talk about what exactly canvas prints are. According to wikipedia,

"A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are often used in interior design, with stock images, or customised with personal photographs."

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so it might be more helpful to simply see what a canvas print looks like. Below are some images of canvas prints:

canvas print from canvas people

As you can see, canvas prints definitely have a different look and feel compared to regular photographs. In my opinion, they seem to have more heft and offer a different kind of presence that can improve the atmosphere of your home. As you saw from the wikipedia description, you can use stock images or personal photos for your canvas prints. So long as you have some great personal photos, I believe this is always the better option. Canvas photos of family members or other memorable photos are perhaps one of the best ways you can make your home feel truly unique. Not to mention, a well-done canvas print, such as the ones you can order from Canvas People, are beautiful works of art. Although many companies will create canvas prints for you, one of the best ones in my opinion is Canvas People. It's important to note that if you can make your own Canvas Prints as well, provided you have a good printer and high-quality printer ink. (You can buy good printer ink from Inkfarm at a discount if you use some Inkfarm promo codes.) This is definitely a lot more work, and you may not get it right the first time. However, it can be a lot of fun to do it yourself, and you'll definitely feel a lot prouder of your new Canvas Print, knowing you had something to do with its creation. What's more, the cost of doing it yourself is much lower, so it's worth looking into if you're the DIY type. To get started, view some Youtube videos on the subject first. Continue Reading...

Deals from Lens.com to Help You Save on Vision Care

contact lens kingContact lenses get more comfortable each year, and today, over 40 million people in the United States wears them. However, the use of eyeglasses remains a lot more popular for the time being. I suspect the ratio will change as more and more people discover how convenient and comfortable modern day contact lenses are. The real turnaround came in 1971, with the introduction of soft contact lenses. Since that time, contact lens usage has grown steadily.

The Internet has, overall, been a very good thing for users of contact lenses. I say this because now, consumers can purchase contact lenses from online outlets like Lens.com, which generally offer very low prices for contact lenses. Throw in the fact that you can get coupons and promo codes online, and there is no reason to purchase contact lenses any other way. I use Lens.com coupons all the time to save a good deal of money on my contact lens orders.

One persistent myth about contact lenses is that they are hard to take care of. This used to be the case decades ago, when you had to use multiple solutions and heat your contacts overnight to get rid of bacteria. Today, however, all you need to do is remove them, rub them, and store them overnight. What's more, if you take advantage of daily disposable contact lenses, you'll be wearing a new pair every day, and there will be virtually not maintenance hassles whatsoever.

While there are many online contact lens stores out there, I prefer to use Lens.com myself, because of the fact that I can get coupons (currently available at this lens.com coupon page.) and usually pay the lowest price. If you want to shop around, however, other stores to consider include Lens.com, Walgreens, Vision Direct, and 1-800-contacts. Should this be your first time purchasing contact lenses online, it pays to do a bit of research to determine which store has the lowest prices for the brand of contacts you use. Continue Reading...

Dating Tips for 2016 and Beyond


Although this site is primarily for people with families and people who are otherwise ready to purchase a home, today I'd like to offer some guidance to those who have yet to find that special someone. Although the concept of dating, at its core, is a rather straightforward one, it's clear that in the modern age, finding a date can be anything but. Part of the problem is the myriad of options we have today.

My main advice is to keep things simple. If you are looking for a date or a partner in life, the best way to find one is be honest about your intentions and join a dating site. This may feel artificial or contrived to some people, but it's time to get over such antiquated notions. You don't want to be left behind while the rest of the world moves ahead in the 21st century.

Already, the stigma attached to online dating has dissipated quite a bit. Statistics from Pew Research shows that just in the last 10 years, the perception of online dating has changed dramatically. Today, a majority of Amercians say it's a good way to meet someone, and one in five people under the age of 35 have tried an online dating site.

So where should you begin? The best place in my opinion is Match.com, for one simple reason. It's the most popular dating site in the country, with the greatest number of members. Add to that the fact that you can get a free trial for Match.com and use the service for 3 days without charge, and it should be a no-brainer to at least check out what the site is all about. If you find for whatever reason that Match.com isn't right for you, you've risked nothing at that point. You can then move onto eHarmony, Zoosk, Christian Mingle, or any of the other prominent sites and see if they work any better for you.

E-Juice: How to choose the right one

One of the most difficult things about vaping is finding an e-juice flavor that appeals to you. Many online stores like Halo Ecigs and Vista Vapors offer many different flavors, and it can feel overwhelming to choose one that would be good for you. Here are some guidelines I use to choose my flavor.

1. If you quit smoking recently, stick to a Tobacco flavor.
One of the things that will make quitting smoking easier is if your inital vaping setup is very similar to the experience you get when you smoke. To help accomplish this end, I recommend using tobacco or menthol flavors if you have quit recently. Most vape shops carry plenty of tobacco flavors, and choosing one should not be a problem. Vista Vapors, for example offers 11 different tobacco flavors you can choose from.

2. Don't assume a flavor you like in real life will necessarily be a good one for vaping.
This may sound strange, but a flavor you enjoy in the real world may not necessarily appeal to you as a vaping flavor. No doubt, choosing flavors you like is a good place to start, but don't rely on that 100%, and don't be afraid to be a bit adventurous. For myself, there have been quite a few times when I thought a certain flavor would not be good for me, but upon trying it, I realized I like the flavor quite a lot. A good example of this would be the Amaretto Bourbon flavor from Vapori, which turned out to be great. Conversely, there have been many times when I was sure I would like a certain flavor, only to be disappointed once I tried it.

3. Buy in small quantities, or get sample packs when trying new flavors.
Even if you're quite sure you'll like a certain flavor, it's a good idea to order the smallest bottle. Better yet, if a company offers sample packs, by all means, you should take advantage of such offers. This is the best way to make sure you don't buy too much of a flavor that ends up not working out for you.

Prices can vary quite a bit when you're buying e-juice online. Don't assume that an expensive e-juice is necessarily a better product. My favorite E-juice store, for example, offers some of the lowest prices when you use Halo Ecigs Coupons. Simply following this link if you want to obtain the most recent promotional codes. Despite the low prices I get by using coupons, I find that Halo's flavors are some of the best I've tried anywhere.

One thing to remember is that all e-juice must age a bit before you use them. This process is called steeping, and you should store your e-liquid for at least 2 weeks before using it.

Why You Should Stick to Larger Dating Sites

match.com free trialThese days, there is a dating site for just about every demographic out there. So natrually, it may be tempting to select a dating site that is a perfect match for the niche you are interested in. You can find dating sites for different ethnicities, different age groups, different religions, and just about everything else. But on the whole, I don't believe this is a good approach to online dating. In this article, I will explain why, and also show you why sites like Match.com are your best bet.

There is one problem that is common among almost all niche dating sites, and that's the fact that their membership levels are quite low. And naturally, when you join a dating site, you want to be able to join a site with as many members as possible, since this gives you the chance to sample a greater number of people and increase the chance of meeting someone who is ideal for you. At larger sites like Match.com, there can be up to 20 million active members. On the smaller, niche sites, unfortunately, the number of members is a small fraction of that.

I have tried my share of smaller, niche dating sites, and they have, for the most part, been an exercise in frustration. In some cases, you will be lucky to find a handful of people in your area, and even then, some of the members may no longer be active. Contrast this to Match.com, where you are bound to run into thousands of singles in your area. Add to that the fact that sites like Match.com also host real-world events, and it becomes clear why going with a large, reputable dating site is the smarter way to approach online dating. And despite this, the niche sites often charge just as much for membership as larger sites like Match.com.

But why Match.com? Honestly, you could join one of the large, free sites like Okcupid as well. But people who don't pay for something tend to not take it that seriously. Everyone who is active at Match.com pays a monthly membership fee, so you can bet they are more intent about finding someone to date on the site. I have seen this phenomenon first hand, and can say with confidence that sites that charge for membership has a much higher level of community engagement. As I mentioned earlier, you can get a Match.com free trial from many different sites like Dating Coupons.net. While membership rates at Match.com are very reasonable, it's still a good idea to get started with a free trial, just so you get your bearings and figure out how the site works before spending any of your money.

Tips for getting 5 servings of vegetables a day

fruits and veggies

So far, we've addressed a few health-topics, from finding love to using e-cigarettes. Today, I'd like to talk a bit about nutrition.

We all know that we're supposed to get 5 servings of vegetables a day, but how exactly should we go about meeting this requirement? In this article, I will address this concern, in addition to showing you how you can obtain coupons for great online vitamin stores like Pureformulas.

If at all possible, you want to get as much of your nutrients from the foods you eat as possible. My personal favorite way to get lots of servings of fruits and veggies is by drinking juice. A can of V8, for example, instantly gives you 2 servings of vegetables. Note, however, that some types of V8 contains a lot of sodium. For this reason, you may want to purchase the low-sodium variety, which is what I do myself. Fruit juices are also good, buy you should make sure you are drinking the all-natural kind without any added sugars. Ideally, you should purchase a juicer and make your own juice from vegetables and fruits. However, the best juicers can cost a good chunk of money, and this solution may therefore not be economically viable for some individuals.

Drinking tomato or vegetable soup is another great way to squeeze in a serving or two of veggies. But be aware that soup (especially the canned types) contain a lot of sodium, which can backfire on your health.

I also like to make smoothies, especially in the summer months. Fruits in general contain a lot of sugar, so I often make my smoothies using low-sugar fruits like blueberries or strawberries. But even if you add high-sugar fruits like bananas, a fruit smoothie overall is still a very healthy drink. Adding yogurt to the drink will also add lots of probiotics, which is very good for your gut health.

Of course, it's not always possible to get your 5 servings every single day. Sometimes, we're traveling or find ourselves extremely busy, and it's more difficult to eat healthy, well-balanced meals during such times. That's why I myself prefer to supplement with a good multivitamin every day. I buy mine online using Pureformulas coupons, but you may have another online vitamin store that you already prefer to purchase from. If not, I would recommend trying Pureformulas since they have low prices and throw in free shipping on all orders.

Why Men Should Wear Cologne

Fragrances are often more associated with women than men, and I find this to be unfortunate. While a perfume or quality eau de toilette can enhance the presence of a female, so too can a cologne make a man more attractive. I believe the key is to put on just a little -- maybe one or two sprays, to leave a hit of an aromatic scent without being overpowering.

cologneSo as a man, how can you find a good cologne to wear. Some of my friends just read reviews online and make a purchase based on that. I find this to be risky, since smell is something that appeals to different people in different ways. I prefer to get samples or go to department stores for this reason. This way, you have a much better idea of what it is that you are buying. If this sounds like too much work for you, then you can also go to sites like Amazon and read reviews and look at the ratings. A cologne that gets 5 stars, for example, will almost definitely be a hit. I look for rave reviews and an affordable price.

For me, my two favorite colognes are Kenneth Cole Black, and Shawn Mendes perfume. Both are very pleasing to smell and gives me a sense of elegance and stature. And both can be purchased for under 50 dollars, making them quite cheap, all things considered. (Some fragrances cost as much as $500 or more!) To explore more colognes, visit sites like affinitymart.com or go to any department store website. I hope I have convinced you to try wearing cologne, and I wish you luck in your search for the perfect scent!