Why You Should Stick to Larger Dating Sites

match.com free trialThese days, there is a dating site for just about every demographic out there. So natrually, it may be tempting to select a dating site that is a perfect match for the niche you are interested in. You can find dating sites for different ethnicities, different age groups, different religions, and just about everything else. But on the whole, I don't believe this is a good approach to online dating. In this article, I will explain why, and also show you why sites like Match.com are your best bet.

There is one problem that is common among almost all niche dating sites, and that's the fact that their membership levels are quite low. And naturally, when you join a dating site, you want to be able to join a site with as many members as possible, since this gives you the chance to sample a greater number of people and increase the chance of meeting someone who is ideal for you. At larger sites like Match.com, there can be up to 20 million active members. On the smaller, niche sites, unfortunately, the number of members is a small fraction of that.

I have tried my share of smaller, niche dating sites, and they have, for the most part, been an exercise in frustration. In some cases, you will be lucky to find a handful of people in your area, and even then, some of the members may no longer be active. Contrast this to Match.com, where you are bound to run into thousands of singles in your area. Add to that the fact that sites like Match.com also host real-world events, and it becomes clear why going with a large, reputable dating site is the smarter way to approach online dating. And despite this, the niche sites often charge just as much for membership as larger sites like Match.com.

But why Match.com? Honestly, you could join one of the large, free sites like Okcupid as well. But people who don't pay for something tend to not take it that seriously. Everyone who is active at Match.com pays a monthly membership fee, so you can bet they are more intent about finding someone to date on the site. I have seen this phenomenon first hand, and can say with confidence that sites that charge for membership has a much higher level of community engagement. As I mentioned earlier, you can get a Match.com free trial from many different sites like Dating Coupons.net. While membership rates at Match.com are very reasonable, it's still a good idea to get started with a free trial, just so you get your bearings and figure out how the site works before spending any of your money.